MultiTester of hash boards ASIC miners

User’s Manual

Updating and activating the tester

How to update tester STASIC tech?

1. Go to the main menu of tester “model selection“, in the lower right corner of the screen, the firmware version of the tester and the round update button

2. The following window will appear with a warning that the tester will be rebooted, at this stage, you should check the connection to the tester via WiFi and if the tester is connected, click the “NEXT” button

3. In this window, you need to enter in the SSID / PASS fields the credentials of your WiFi network through which you access the Internet, SSID – WiFi network name (without spaces), PASS – password to connect to the WiFi Internet.

ATTENTION! the tester works with an access point at a frequency of 2.4Ghz

4. The tester should begin the process of connecting to the Internet and updating the software.

5. After the update process is completed, you will see a message, after which you must restart the tester and connect to it via WiFi

Update errors

If you rebooted the tester and found an old firmware version, it means that the tester could not connect to your WiFi or the software for your tester is not available on the update server (software features do not immediately display information about whether the tester is connected to the Internet or not, you can view when re-entering the update download mode)

  • Update Error! Fail WiFi Connection – The tester could not connect to the WiFi network (the connection credentials are incorrect, your WiFi does not work in the 2.4Ghz band)

  • Update Error! Fail Server Connection – The tester has connected to the update server, but the software for your tester is not available for download for some reason (Contact support with your tester ID)